If you are reading this article, you probably are not new to the concept of Instagram. But in case you are we will do a quick intro.

Instagram is a file sharing service that millions of people around the world use on a day to day basis. And if you are wondering what all the commotion is about and how you can get more followers, then you are welcome to read our top 10 tips on that topic.

1) Share content that is relatable to other people

There are many different cultures and countries in this world, and many individuals in those places have lots things in common with one another. If you want to connect with more people online, try to share content that everyone can relate to. It can be inspirational quotes, it can be an exciting moment, or maybe you have a hot body or a hot friend. There is always an audience for good content, and many people will relate to true stories, original content, and happy lifestyles.

2) Use the right emoji to enhance your story

The many platforms for online chatting & communication have continuously been upgraded with additional things that you can use to express yourself. If you are feeling sad or happy about something, there are now emoji’s that can express in a cartoony face how you feel. Believe us many people love them and if they are used right, they can enhance the story that you want to tell with them.

3) Hashtag your content into the right categories

Tons of content is being uploaded every minute on the web, and some can hit the trending faster than the others. The ones that usually do have the right hashtags on them. It does not matter if you are supportive or against something if you use the right hashtag, your content might be the next thing that is trending which will bring you tons of followers.

4) Take notice to post your content at the right time

If you are working the night shift somewhere and you post when everyone else is asleep, you won’t get many hits, and you won’t get new followers that way. The right time to post is when everyone is bored and looking at their phone, which is usually in the morning when they wake up, after lunch when everyone is relaxing, and at night before sleep. Getting the timing right for your content can win you half the battle when it comes to new followers. Also if you are going to events post in advance, and post while you are there. People love to see new things, and they love to see people having a great time.


5) Make sure to follow the right people and comment on their content

What we mean when we say the right people is a broad term. Although we are confident your best friend, or your local DJ will get you, new followers, we aim much higher. The best way to get noticed online is to follow the big guns-famous people and comment on their content.

The right comment in the right place at the right time can get you new followers that would have never known you existed before. And make sure to mix in the emoji’s and the hashtags here also.

6) Engage with the people that are following you

The people who follow you and comment on your content are your ticket to more followers. If you chat with them and leave a positive vibe with them, others will also see this and will want to follow you and to be followed by you. It’s a proven fact that when people feel wanted and happy with their acquaintances, others want to join that circle of friends.

When you get a lot of instagram followers, don’t engage with everyone. Pick one comment from the many that are posted on your picture and reply back with some cool comment, and watch as others spice up the conversation. The biggest Instagram people rarely respond to comments, but when they do, that picture gets 10 times more people to comment.

7) Connect with people who are similar and promote one another

Let’s say your Instagram account is about cooking, or how to work out in the gym or maybe about traveling around the world.

If you find more people who are doing the same thing, get in touch with them and try to come to an agreement to promote each other’s accounts.

It is free advertising, and it will get your account too many people that would have never come into contact with it in the first place. This is an excellent way to get your content to the people that actually love what you do and want to see more of it.


8) Post your content frequently

If you are a small Instagram account, try to at least post once or twice a day. But as you start growing and getting new real followers you should be increasing those numbers. Let us say you are a gym instructor. If you have 50 people following you, one post a day is enough to remind them of the healthy life.

But if you grow to a 1000 or maybe 10.000 followers, you will need to increase the frequency of posts you make. Because not everyone will be able to see your content if you post just once a day and besides that, it’s all about creating more traction on your account. The more people you have, the more content you should upload.

9) Use the right filters and apps to make your content unique

Instagram became famous for its amazing filters. Today there are tons of ways to enhance your pictures and the rest of your content, so make sure to use all the tools you can. Personalize your content and make it unique. People will love your stuff if you are different than the rest.


10) Pay the people that can get your more exposure

Some people might say this is cheating, and some might agree with them. But the end game is not to feel ashamed for cheating, it’s to grow and do something with your account as fast as possible. If you want to promote your business or get your unique content to the world fast, this might be the best way to do it.

People that don’t want to or can’t waste months on the Instagram platform following people and talking to everyone than paying the people that can get you thousands of followers over a short period of time is a smart and effective strategy. Just make sure you find the cheapest and the ones that can get you actual people, and not bots.

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