Nowadays Instagram has become one of the most successful online social platforms. With over two hundred million active users it’s one of the most powerful tools you can use. Sharing content like photos or videos connects users in their common activities or interests. Day by day there are plenty of companies who are also implementing their marketing campaigns into the websites like this one. Also, people individually use this website to share their works, ideas, and interesting situations or simply to expose themselves in different ways which appear to be normal in this modern era of internet socializing we live in.

No matter what reason is, it’s a good idea to increase¬†your followers base and gain more likes whatever you do. There are few programs that can be useful and increase your chances of spreading your content online or make your profile more known to the wider crowd of Instagram users.



This is program is mostly free also there are some additional features that you must pay for. It’s available on App Store and Google Play, it can be used on Instagram and also on your Twitter profile. You can get all information about your Followers and their main activities, one of the best options of this program is finding out who are most dedicated people who like to watch content on your profile.

A Hashtags recommendation is an option that provides better reach to the new people since is originally created for business promotion it can increase your follower’s number. You can create the schedule for your posts to find out what is the right time to post content so the most of them can be seen. ‘Copy Followers’ option helps you to contact users who have a lot in common with you and make your profile more popular.



This is great app for Instagram users who own android devices. It gives you numerous options and helps you to have insight into the situation about your followers. Not only that you can find out about new followers, you can get a list of people who unfollowed your profile also.


By letting you see a people who not watch your posts regularly and those who shows that they are your admirers you can easier get more mutual friends online with this app by being able to find out common interests. The chance to note content you liked and people who are popular on your following list you have a better ‘picture’ with you should stick and free your profile of those you are not following you which makes this app so good.



The difference between previous and this program is that this one is created for iPhone users. You can clearly see who unfollowed you and opposite. There is an option that shows you which people you didn’t follow back and those who didn’t follow back your profile. This app is letting you know who are most active people on your profile, who likes and comment your content most with the really helpful provision of statistics.

The simple and beautiful look of this program gives you easy approach over everything you need to know and control while you are using it. It’s a good thing to have in mind that this app has a limit on the crowd you can gain by using Followers. Two thousand people are the maximum reach of this program but it still can create a benefit. If you are an Apple user and if you don’t mind the previously mentioned cipher be free to download this program and make yourself more popular on Instagram easy and fast.

My Followers


This app is also designed for iPhone owners. The program reveals several options for tracking those who follow you. It allows you to watch people who give you attention like main commenters or that press ‘like’ button often on pictures or videos you post, people who blocked you and a lot more. This program has much in common with original Instagram since everything you can do there you can also do with this application.


Here you have a free option where you can find out how to satisfy new followers on your profile and option where you can use this program on more than one profile but if you pay. This is great program who can improve targeting of your audience by giving you the opportunity to stay in touch with activities you are interested in. This application can be helpful, the great addition to your profile.

Follower Insight


Compared to the other similar programs this one is completely free to use. Although there is a plenty of applications who are a free to use the difference between this one and the rest of them is that every function on this app requires no charging and it’s absolutely free. This application has a really great uniqueness to help you to create the network of new people who started to follow you.

This option is symbolically named ‘Shootout’ can help you reduce the number of people who will maybe unfollow you and concentrate on those for who you believe will continue to follow your posts. The simple interface is created in a way to suits the most of the people. If you are looking for a useful application that will show you how to spread a word, picture or video on your profile than this program is the right choice.

You have here top five applications that can be really good and drastically improve your marketing on Instagram, increase demands for products you are trying to sell or what you are doing. It can give a strong boost at something on what you are trying to point or appeal. Otherwise, you can have much fun using these apps to share your creative multimedia with the big amount of other users who have similar interests like you or looking something that you have to offer on social media websites like Instagram. Download the one you most like and enjoy.


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