It’s the beginning of the new year, and that means that you should revise your marketing strategy and improve the number of your followers with fresh techniques.

With each day passing by we can see the new trends coming on to the scene when it comes to the internet. Instagram as a second biggest social media platform is not an exception to that. From the estimated five hundred million active monthly users in June 2016 to six hundred million in the last month of the same year; Instagram proved that, after Facebook, is a major force.

Even though this is such a crowded platform, it is not always easy to get real Instagram followers to your page, but there are some proven techniques plus some new trends that can help you with this task in 2017.

Profile Page


Your profile page must be set up properly and professionally. Your Instagram handle should be easy to find and remember. If you want to promote your brand than the name of your brand should definitely be your handle. Fill in your bio section of the page but keep it as simple as possible as this is the first thing that users who visit your profile are going to see. If you want, you can add some emojis but don’t go too crazy with this part as some people hate to see them. And if you have your personal website you should definitely include a link in this section of your profile page.

Spend some time on choosing your profile picture. Make sure that it represents the content of your page. You don’t want to have a picture that is misleading.

Consider leaving your profile page open to the public. Some people would want to see more than one of your posts before they decide if they are going to follow you. This might bring some fake profiles to your page, but some of the new followers are definitely going to be real genuine people.




This is what it is all about. The Content of your Instagram page. You need to know what you want to achieve with your account and once you have people on your page, you need to impress them with the quality of your posts. If it is your personal page, you need to think about what kind of message you want to send, what do you want to show to the people or what kind of skill do you have that might impress your followers. Or, if it’s a business page, what kind of product or what kind of services are you offering.

Once you figure the previous part, it is good to spend some time studying photography. You don’t need to be an expert; you just need to know enough to make nice pictures and use angles and light to your advantage. Think about investing in a quality camera or a mobile device; this will go a long way in helping you deliver a quality content and eventually new followers.


Photo editing is a good set of skills to have when it comes to preparing your material to be deployed. Again, you don’t need and expert-level knowledge in this area, knowing how to use and manipulate filters, and basic functionality of programs like Adobe Photoshop will be enough.

If you want to have a constant growth of your following base, you need to be consistent. Scheduling applications might be of great help with this part. They can help you manage your accounts on different social platforms. This can be very helpful if you have a hectic schedule and are unable to make new posts and deliver fresh content. You just need to prepare photos and add comments, and the application will post it for you whenever you want. Some of the apps that we can recommend are Mass Planner, ScheduGram, Later (Latergramme previously), Buffer, Publish (TakeOff previously).

Instagram Stories


This is the feature that Instagram introduced in August last year. At first, IG users were skeptical about this new feature because it is very similar to Snapchat but as soon as they realized the power of this brand new side of the Instagram they were hooked. With Stories, you can take pictures or short videos throughout the day and upload them.

But there is a catch, everything that you upload as a Story will disappear after twenty-four hours. The content that you upload as a story will not be shown on the feed of your followers or on your profile, but your profile image will get a colorful border, and your followers will be able to see your story once they tap on your profile image. Companies are already using this feature in very creative ways to promote their businesses. One good example is Red Bull.

They asked their audience to vote for the next post through Instagram Stories, and the outcome was great engagement from the people. This resulted in even more followers as they were suggested to a lot of people through the search engine because stories are separated from regular posts.



Hashtags have become the essential part of the Instagram. A lot of people are using them to follow trends that are of their interest, and if you want to bring new people to your page, you should definitely start to use them.

A good place to start is to do a research and see what hashtags are popular at the moment and see if you can fit them into your content. One thing that is important when it comes to hashtags is that they need to be related to your content.

If you try to manipulate people into following you, they are not going to like it, and this might result in a backlash through negative comments or even reporting your posts. A number of hashtags on your posts can vary, but a good amount for a start is between five and ten.

Acquiring new followers on Instagram is a long process so make sure to use some of these techniques in your campaign and definitely make sure to use Instagram Stories as this feature is going to a big thing in 2017.

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